Best Mobile Optimization Techniques

mobile optimization

Mobile is crucial to doing business in the modern market. Most companies by now know how to make responsive websites so that they load on smaller mobile screens. However, capturing mobile audiences does not end with responsive web design. While responsiveness if important, there are several other optimization techniques to consider that will improve site traffic and conversion rates.

Here is a list of those techniques you must absolutely be aware of:

Increase Page Speed

Just like with desktops, page speed is paramount for getting top SEO rankings on mobile. Actually, page speed might be more important for mobile users. Google, for example, is known for excluding mobile web sites that take too long to load. Mobile users may have more patience in waiting for a page to load, but don’t count on it. Do your best to minimize the time it takes for your site to load.  You can do things like optimize images, clean up code, and reduce redirects to improve mobile page loading time. Routinely check your mobile page speed and do everything you can to get it to load in under 3 seconds.

Choose the Web Theme Carefully

You can change your site’s looks if one look is not working out. The web theme should be responsive, but must be appealing as well. When you create a minimalist site to take advantage of the smaller screens, do not make the site too simple. It should be sophisticated enough to wow users. Do not compromise style to simplicity. You can create a good-looking site with excellent levels of functionality and responsiveness. So, aim for perfect, not simple, when choosing a theme.

Choose Fluid Layouts

Handheld devices nowadays come in a variety of sizes. So it’s relatively impossible to hand pick sizes to optimize your site. So, the best way to ensure that your site is truly responsive and appealing is to pick a fluid layout. Fluid layouts are based on size percentages, not the number of sizes. Therefore, they can seamlessly adapt to any screen size. It may take some expertise to design a fluid layout, but they are totally worth it.

Aim for Speedy Functionality

Make design choices based on allowing users to get things done fast. Use product search bars, buttons and scroll-down bars to make navigating your website easy for mobile users. Add buttons to get complicated tasks done with a click. Minimize the need to type, as it’s difficult to do so on tiny smartphone keyboards. The quicker users can get things done on your website, the higher chances will be for them to return.

Focus on Core Users

Do not make a generic website trying to appeal to everyone. The mobile user base is very large and is expanding at a breakneck speed. Your business will not be aimed to appeal to all mobile users. So it’s important to identify your core mobile user base. These are the customers most likely to purchase from you using a handheld device. Optimize the site to serve this user base. Do your research so you know what these customers want and prefer and then develop your site accordingly.

Don’t forget that in addition to above on-page seo optimization tactics; there are several “off page” techniques your company should employ. Namely, these two are SMS and email marketing. Both are important for retaining customers.

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