What is a Hack and how it relates to Clash Royale?

The word ‘Hack’ means getting your hands unauthorised information, with the help of some tools. A game hack means unlocking any kind of content within the game before time, or goes about doing something which the game doesn’t allow you to do. The hack that we are going to talk about is the gems hack. In any game, there is the concept of upgrade, the concept of evolution. The very idea of growing and levelling up within the game is what makes the players stick to them. In order to level up, one needs to buy gears or any other items that help them level up. This buying is done with what we call, “in-game currency”. The act of buying these in game currencies is called micro transaction, where we spend real money and buy these currencies, in order to level up our gaming profiles. For Clash Royale, the in game currency is of two types, gold and gems. Gems are more important because, they are had to come by, and you can buy gold with gems, but the vice versa is not possible. The Clash Royale gems Hack allows you to get your hands on these gems, without the help of any kind of micro transaction.


How to do a Clash Royale gem Hack?

There are many ways to do a gem hack. From mod game files to manually inputting the number of gems you require, there are numerous ways, some of which we are going to discuss below:

  • Mod Installation Files: In the past, a mod version of the game was released on both iOS and Android platforms. These application come equipped with a huge number of gems and gold. The player only had to install the game, and he was ready to go.
  • Personalized Servers: All the gaming activity takes place within the Supercell server. However, a team of developers, created their own server, which contained their own rules. Without Supercell to supervise them, they could do whatever they want, WITHIN THAT SERVER only. They couldn’t contact players outside their customized servers; hence, this method was discontinued shortly after.
  • Clash Royale gems Hack: In the first point we discussed about mod game files, being released, i.e., they were already rigged those extra hundred thousand gems. However, in this process we have to do this hack manually by ourselves. In a sense, this gives a better control over our gaming profiles. There are many applications that can be downloaded fom the internet that helps you hack into the game, such as Lucky Patcher, or freedom (require root for Android and jail breaking for iOS users). Once downloaded, open the game via these apps, and you’re ready to do any kind of micro transactions, totally free.
  • Clash Royale gems Hack online: This procedure taking the help of an online tool, to help you hack into your game. Visit the website, enter your username followed by the amount of gold and gems you desire, and click on generate. After a small verification, your account shall be credited with the pre-entered amount of gold and gems.

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