The Ultimate Gaming Guide to Beating the Helmet Heroes

The toughest part about starting a new day is pushing yourself to wake up. Here comes a loaded dose of gaming to jog your senses into action! Irrespective of whether you’re into fast-paced shooting or a retro arcade game, they’re designed  to keep you on edge.

There are many free online games site on the internet, of which few are identical in their terms and offers. Some stand out than others because of their unique and fun concepts as opposed to the mundane.

Among a large selection of games for the users to experience the gameplay, here’s a chosen few that might interest you:

1.    Path of War: Conquer the city and rule it!

In Path of War, the entire United States is your battleground. A terrible and mysterious situation has thrown the country into anarchy. The country is reeling, and an evil regime has assumed control of the nation, oppressing its citizens. You can form a militia of friends, build an army of fighting machines, and battle your way to Washington, D.C. to take back America!

Design your mobile headquarters, raise a tremendous army, and wreak havoc as you march towards victory in a 1-to-1 scale. Expand your territory through fast-paced, intense player-vs.-player combats, and loot the enemy once you conquer. Forge cooperative alliances, and together expand the ever-growing borders of your empire.


Assemble an army of machine-gun toting monster trucks, grenadiers, ammunitions, and helicopters. The design, command and upgrade your mobile headquarters with looted arms and traps. Wage a person-to-person combat to conquer enemy fort. Forge alliances with other commanders to form bigger groups that strengthen your foothold. Once you control a bigger share of the pie, move towards Washington D.C., and take over the capital.

2.    Helmet Heroes: The fun and cartoon combo

Helmet Heroes is available on streaming, and it’s one of the many free online games. You can score new helmets, swords, and armors as you clear each level. What’s more? You get to make new friends, explore new areas, create guilds, and give up steam!

A glimpse into the world of Helmet Heroes

This is a multiplayer game. You can team up with friends online and be at war against your enemies while exploring new regions.

Picking your own character

Here, the players go head-on with 40 different enemies with a wide range of helmets, weapons, shields, and other accessories. You’ve numerous role-playing opportunities choose from. The options available are warrior, wizard, archer, and cowboy. In fact, the game encourages players to combine classes, so you can make your own unique blend of characters.

Choose your specific skills from a wide range of skills. You also have the option of participating in other activities, such as chopping trees or fishing.

This was just a preview of what’s to come! Get geared up, and step on the gas pedal to activate your wild, gaming side!

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